Site Launches to Help Women With At-Home Abortions

An international advocacy group is concerned about “restrictive” abortion laws in the U.S. — so it took action. Women Helped Women launched a website that provides advice for women using the at-home abortion pill to induce abortions.

The group is based in the Netherlands and helps women obtain abortions early in their pregnancy who have illegally obtained the abortion pill.

Obviously this is very controversial. The group is helping women with illegal activity, but I think it raises an interesting question: does something being illegal mean it isn’t a noble cause? This organization is trying to help women around restrictive laws, does that mean they are doing good work? Or should they be punished?

I think as more and more people start to pay attention to this we will see the impact of what this group is doing and if there will be any repercussions.

imgresPhoto from Politico


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