Last Abortion Provider of Deep South Opens Up About Denying Abortion


Dr. Willie Parker is a devout Christian — he also provides abortions in the deep south. In this story he writes about a woman in Mississippi coming to him for an abortion who thought she was nine weeks pregnant. The sonogram revealed she was 13 weeks, there is a 24-hour rule in Mississippi at that time of pregnancy, so she would have to find the thousands of dollars it takes to have an abortion overnight.

She returned three weeks later, 16 weeks and one day pregnant. Dr. Parker had to deny her the abortion. In the personal essay, he talks about how hard this was for him and why he wanted to perform the abortion and help this woman, but if he breaks the law even once, he will never be able to help women in the south who need abortions again.

I liked this piece because it allowed the reader to see a new perspective. By allowing the subject to write it the reader gets to really see what he thinks, not just what he said.


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