Trump’s Executive Order Could Decrease Abortion Access, Increase Religion in Government

imgres President Donald Trump

This week a copy of a potential executive order of President Donald Trump revealed he could decrease abortion access further with religious views. The draft of the order  “people and companies can refuse service to LGBTQ individuals and deny employees access to contraception and abortion if doing so conflicts with their religious convictions.”

This is similar to the Hobby Lobby ruling in 2014 when the Supreme Court said corporations run by employees with religious beliefs have a right to deny people birth control. Now, if this executive order is put in play, people are concerned they won’t be able to access their birth control, contraceptive services or obtain a legal abortion.

This order goes deeper than the Hobby Lobby ruling, because it applies to any person or company who would like to claim religious exemptions, not just corporations.

I find this interesting because there seems to be a lot of similarities between this potential order and the Hobby Lobby ruling. A lot of people had issues with the Hobby Lobby case and I think there will be just as many with this one.



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